Tips To Help Achieve A Successful Sale:


First impressions count, presentation is key to making sure your home stands out from the competition. Try to imagine how a potential purchaser or tenant will see your property on their first inspection. A tidy, clean and well presented property will give confidence in what they are considering moving into and that the property has been well looked after inside and out.

Tidy gardens, clear driveways and inviting entrance halls, all help with that all important first impression.


A simple declutter can make all the difference. The less clutter on show allows more room for the purchaser to think and imagine themselves living in the property. It also allows us to take the best possible pictures, which is vital to presenting your home in the best possible light.  Your sales particulars are one of the most important marketing tools we use to get your property “out there”, the average person viewing a property on Rightmove will look at a photograph for 3 seconds, so first impressions really do count.

Preparing For Viewings

If it’s a dull and dark day don’t be afraid to turn on the lights, open those windows to eliminate any animal or cooking odours, and turn the heating on to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Where possible if you have a dog, take the dog for a walk as they can be off-putting and can tend to make people uncomfortable. Be sure to clean away dirty cutlery, pick up the dirty washing, toys back in the toy box and empty the litter tray. This all helps towards making that excellent first and lasting impression.

Accompanied Viewings

As part of our service we have staff available to accompany all potential buyers to your home. This can often be the preferred option as viewers will feel more relaxed and are more likely to imagine the house being theirs. This sometimes helps us receive more honest feedback too. Provide us with as much information about the property as possible, especially if you have installed specialist security systems, lighting or surround sound systems. We want the viewing to be a positive experience and to share the benefits of your property, these are simple things that make a potential home owner feel at ease and appreciate the benefits of your home.

Key Features

If you happen to be showing potential purchasers around your house, be sure to point out the reasons why you bought it in the first place like the size, location, nearby schools or station etc. Give them a tour of each room, saving the best rooms for last, before inviting them to take another tour alone to take it all in if they so wish. But stay on hand for any questions!

Offers And Negotiations

If viewers are interested in your home and do make an offer directly to you, insist that they have to do so via the agent. We can make sure that we will achieve the best possible price and that their offer is backed up with the necessary checks and finance details.

Shout It From The Roof Tops

Always have a For Sale or For Let board. One of the oldest but most effective marketing tools. Whether you’re in a busy location or a quiet one, you never know who might be living around the corner waiting for your house to come onto the market!

Just The One Please

Not only is multi agency usually more expensive, many vendors make the mistake in thinking that it helps your chances of selling quickly, when in actual fact, it can be detrimental. Buyers can be put off if they see a property multi listed on the net or in the paper with numerous agents and sometimes they assume that the property is having difficulty being marketed because of hidden problems. To save painting the wrong picture, try and stick with one local agent who you can trust to offer the best in marketing, advertising and a professional service.

Realistic Asking Price

With huge amounts of information at hand via the internet, purchasers are fully aware of local asking prices and recent sold prices. We will work hand in hand with you in choosing the most suitable asking price that meets your needs and also reflects the true local prices. It is important to market the property at the right price to attract the right purchaser and we have the lowest level of price reductions of all agents in the area.