Give your apartment a summer makeover

Posted on: Friday, June 14, 2024

Summer always makes you feel more alive. Early mornings and brighter, longer days add to the beauty of your surroundings. Go a step further by dialling your home into the summer season. Little details to bigger decorating ideas are worth doing and will help keep your home in tip-top shape.

Update your walls with memories  

Walls are not just for painting and creating privacy. Mirrors will add space and light and can make your rooms appear much larger than they are. If you are tired of looking at the four walls in any of your home’s rooms, add some new prints, pictures, or photographs. A memory wall full of small pictures that frame your holidays and adventures, or artistic paintings or photography that inspire you, are well worth taking your time over.  


Brighten your rooms up and create space 

With summer here, a good place to start is by clearing out the clutter you don’t need. Throw your throws in the wardrobe or somewhere out of sight. Clear your spaces and allow more light and air to flood in. Less is more and by undertaking this decluttering process, you will have an enlightened vision for your makeover plans.  

Better storage and inspiring furniture    

Better storage can add form with functionality. Getting your stuff stored properly will free up floor space. It will also reduce stress levels and maybe stop you from rummaging through piles of items. But it’s not all about coat racks and sideboards. It's what you do with them that counts. Painted and restored furniture is in vogue. Whether you like weathered, rustic-looking furniture or brightly painted wood, makeover your home your own way.   


The emotional power of paint 

Never underestimate the power of paint to transform a room. Different colour palettes evoke different emotions and feelings. Whether you are creating a feeling of warmth and space, or are simply in love with a certain shade that you know will develop a scheme that makes you happy, painting is mood-altering because paint can be room-altering. You don't have to confine it to walls and ceilings. Painting furniture such as cabinets or the kitchen table can have a huge impact. 


Add some greenery

Don't let the fact that you don’t have a garden stop you. Indoor gardens can be created near a window or underneath a skylight. If your home has a balcony, consider a vertical wall garden or if you have a lawn, add new lighting. Some flickering solar lanterns are very reasonably priced in local hardware stores. Or if you would prefer something more upmarket, a good garden centre will offer endless inspiration and furnishing ideas. If none of these are possibilities, simply add some flowers and scented candles. 


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