Advice to vendors if viewings are to be conducted:


Obviously the current situation is unprecedented and changing on a daily basis.  Safety is our top priority and we are very consciously following all the government advice and industry recommendations. 

In light of this we have put together some advice to you, our vendors, if we are asked to conduct a viewing so try and minimise the risk to all.


  •  We will request that anyone showing any symptoms of Coronavirus or having returned recently from a high-risk area advise us and cancel the viewing.


  • We are constantly monitoring all staff within the firm for any signs of illness.


  • We will minimise contact with the applicant to reduce potential transfer.


  • Wipe down door handles, light switches, cupboard doors, and anything else people are likely to touch during a viewing. Do this both before and after a viewing to help prevent transmission of the disease.


  • If you could leave soap out so the person conducting the viewing can wash their hands before and after a viewing that would be a great help.


  • If anyone living at the property is self-isolating please advise us as soon as possible, we won’t be able to carry out any viewings for your property until the isolation period is complete.



Leave Internal Doors Open & Lights On

Touching infected areas is considered high risk with this virus. But there’s an easy way to help prevent transmission. Simply reduce the number of things people viewing your home need to make contact with.

Leave internal doors open where possible and leave lights switched on. This way, it may be possible for viewers to see your entire property without even taking their hands out of their pockets!


Provide Hand Sanitiser

We know, we know! Hand sanitiser is gold dust at the moment, but if you’re lucky enough to hold a good supply, consider offering some to people as they enter your property.

Under normal circumstances, this may be considered a little rude, but these are not normal circumstances! It is unlikely that in the current situation anyone would be offended by such an offer.


The Future

We shall carefully monitor events over the next few weeks in particular with regard to leaving your property on the internet for a long period if there is no interest.



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